Warm Congratulation for Opening of TK Precision Plastics (Huizhou) Limited

On July 11, 2019, accompanied by the loud gongsin Huizhou Rongfeng Industrial Park, everybody gathered together to celebratethe formal opening of TK Precision Plastics (Huizhou) Limited.

Companyexecutives as Chairman of TK Alan P.L. Li, CEO Mr. Weng Jianxiang, director Mr.Li Liangyao, executive director Mr. Zhang Fanghua, CFO Mr. Yu Yaozong, HRDirector Ms. Zeng Xieqing, Injection Mold Factory General Manager Mr. YanZhanshen and more than 100 invited guests including Deputy Head of HuiyangDistrict Mr. Chen Dangsheng, Sanhe Street Party Work Secretary Mr. Liu Weidong,Sanhe Street Office Chief Ms. Ren Xingfen, etc. attended the opening ceremony.

On the eve ofthe opening, under the leadership of Chairman of TK Alan P.L. Li, the companyexecutives held solemn worship ceremony, and everybody sincerely blessed anauspicious opening and booming business of TK Precision Plastics (Huizhou)Limited.

First, Chairman of TK Alan P.L. Li addressedand he believed that TK Precision Plastics (Huizhou) Limited would achieveremarkable performance under the wide guidance of group leaders and commonefforts of all employees.

Second, awaken lion and paint eyes. The lions on thestage were sunk in sleep, implying TK PrecisionPlastics (Huizhou) Limited which was poised for developing. Deputy DistrictHead Mr. Chen and Alan P.L. Li infused soul into the lions and endowed them withresponsibility and mission, the lions immediately became vigorous, whichimplied auspicious opening and booming business of TK Precision Plastics(Huizhou) Limited.

Third, Deputy District HeadMr. Chen and TK Chairman Alan P.L. Li hosted the unveiling ceremony of TKPrecision Plastics (Huizhou) Limited which mean a new chapter started by TK!

Fourth, the most important part--ribbon cutting ceremony. In thejoyful music, accompanied with brilliant fireworks, the main leaders and gueststhat attended the opening ceremony cut ribbon for the opening of TKPrecision Plastics (Huizhou) Limited.

Later, the guests visited the production areaof TK Precision Plastics (Huizhou) Limited. Festivalgongs and drums bloomed joy. Brilliant fireworks breed harvest. On this joyfulday, let’s congratulate auspicious opening and booming business of TK PrecisionPlastics (Huizhou) Limited!

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